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Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Not a Green Activist, just a common person
Topic: Ecolories

I have been watching Digg for a past few days and now I can understand. There is a wealth of content on it. I specifically go to it for environment related content that no other news site provides quicker updates on. In many news articles, I run into wacky experiments. Some John Doe went through a list of tasks and finally, managed to get the job done a different way without causing much harm to environment.

These experiments have a high degree of showcase value. Most of them are not viable for mass production or to fight our dependence on oil. If there was one, the inventor will become an overnight billionaire. That is bad news but it is not a waste. Someday, an entrepreneur will pick one of these ideas and create a viable mass production solution which will solve many problems related to fuel dependency and emissions.

But as a common man, I am largely out of this process. I will likely not be able to invent a fuel alternative but am willing to chip in when it comes to saving our green and blue planet. Here are a few things I am planning to do as a common man who cares:

1. Carpool / take public transport a day of work in a week.

2. Not take "To go" food unless I really need it - it reduces the amount of plastic.

3. Pick a thinner stack of napkins in the fast food restaurant. Leave them on the table if unused.

4. Not print a document to just proof read it. Honestly, I dont print anything unless I really really need it. It helps my company save money as well.

5. Use electricity in a frugal way, this helped my electricity bill and saved a lot of emissions. Energy efficient bulbs were just a beginning. Solar garden lights and switching off unnecessary lights alone led to huge savings. My wife's aversion to the heating system also helped a little bit.

Overall, this week I feel happy about the ecolories I saved.

Posted by praneymittal at 4:55 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 9 April 2008 5:44 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 9 April 2008 - 7:06 PM PDT

Name: "Mateo"
Home Page:

Bravo! Well said and a good start too! If we all do these things, we'll make a huge difference, but even if it didn't make a difference in some big, dire sort of way, it's still a good thing to do - less wasteful, more community minded, and all.

 Keep it up!

Thursday, 10 April 2008 - 3:21 PM PDT

Name: "Jerseyjack21"
Home Page:

Great article.  I have a blog called and I would like to put your link on it, if you put my link on yours. Good for both of us green activists and bloggers to increase readership. Email me your response. Thank you. 

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